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INTERMAGNET provides data visualisation tools, access to statistics on data provision and data usage and web services to download data and data products. This page describes how to access these services.

The application that provides access to INTERMAGNET data is released under a version number. Any change to the software, in particular web service parameters, that would be likely to break software written by users of the service, will be released under a new version number, allowing users of existing services to continue to use older versions of the application and migrate to newer versions over the course of time.

Data Access Application, Version 1

Web site to view INTERMAGNET observatory data: /GIN_V1/GINForms2
Web site to view data provision and usage statistics for INTERMAGNET observatories: /GIN_V1/GINStatistics
Documentation on the INTERMAGNET web service and access to HAPI services: /GIN_V1
Web site to view data from INTERMAGNET test observatories: /GIN_V1/GINTest2

The INTERMAGNET data is also available from an anonymous ftp server (login with username "ftp" and password set to your email address). The address of this server is

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